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TECL #25185 | SMEL #6428

Surge Protection

Surge Protection for Sugar Land

Aspire Sales & Electrical Services, LLC, serving Sugar Land specializes in Surge Protection for home and office.  Our team of expert electrical technicians have achieved mastery in surge protection installation, service, and repair. Families and business facility owners across Sugar Land have been more than 100% satisfied with our team of electrical innovators who have formally studied and performed many surge protection installations and repairs.

Experts in Surge Protection for Sugar Land

Aspire Sales & Electrical Services, LLC, Sugar Land knows all about surge protection in both residential and commercial settings. The most common causes of loss of power and damage to electrical devices and appliances are blizzards, tornados, hurricanes, and fires just to name a few. According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, surge protection is defined as simply, “a device or electrical system installed to prevent an electrical surge of power from doing serious damage to electric equipment.” There are a few different types of surge protection devices or systems. A whole house surge protector is connected through hard-wiring to your electrical system to protect all of your electric devices from a power surge that could potentially do damage to some or all of the electric devices in your home. Secondly and probably the most popular is a “strip-style” surge protector containing maybe 5-7 grounded outlets so that when an appliance or device is plugged into the strip the appliance or device itself is protected from power surges. Used together these surge protectors offer more complete superior protection against power surges.

The Electrical Contractor to turn to for Surge Protection

Aspire Sales & Electrical Services, LLC, serving Sugar Land, has been installing, repairing, and maintaining surge protection systems in homes and business facilities for over 70 years. Our superior-quality trained electrical technicians have extensive experience in surge protection service and have been trained to not only complete installations but are also able to troubleshoot surge protection systems and advise customers on how to creatively protect their home and business electrical devices and appliances against power surge damage.

Professional Surge Protection for Sugar Land

Aspire Sales & Electrical Services, LLC serves residential and commercial clients in communities throughout Sugar Land, including:

Call the Sugar Land Professionals for Surge Protection

Call Aspire Sales & Electrical Services, LLC, serving Sugar Land to speak with one of our highly-trained electrical technicians. Every member of our team knows all there is to know about surge protection and can advise you on the best, cost-efficient plan to protect your home safely, effectively against power surges.
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